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Rubber cord NBR 70    

We have a variety of rubber cords made of NBR 70 ranging from 1.78 to 14 mm in cross section. Prices available upon request.

Hydraulic gaskets as per DIN 3869
Conditional  size Thread designation
  mm inch
10 101 G 1/8 A
14 M 14x1.5 G 1/4 A
17  -- G 3/8 A
18 M 18x1,5  --
21   G 1/2 A
27 M 26x1.5 G 3/4 A
27 M 27x2 G 3/4 A
33 M 33x2 G 1 A

The hydraulic gaskets as per DIN 3869 are trapezoid section gaskets designed for thread joints operating under high pressure. The sizes listed in the table above are sizes that we maintain a stock for and are made of NBR 85. Gaskets made of FPM 85 can also be supplied upon demand. Please e-mail us if you need a price quotation.

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